Wet Load


One of the best overall Falcon casts in years.
1. Glenn McAllister lathers up in the shower…methodically soaping his tight chiseled form. His hands move lower and as he cleans his cock it stiffens and stretches. All cleaned up Glenn feels the need to pump out a load and start the day right. He works his cock harder and harder, turns off the shower and pumps rhythmically until thick pearly ropes of cum spew from his engorged cock-head.
2. Leo Masters and Erik Houston are locked in a tight embrace. They kiss and caress each other…enjoying their smooth tanned tight forms. Leo wanders down Erik’s chest and sucks his cock, taking it deep into his throat as Erik puts his hands on Leo’s head…guiding his deep suck. Leo turns around and Erik rims his tight hole. Lovingly licking and nibbling it…then working it with his fingers…opening Leo up for his massive cock. Erik fucks Leo with abandon…pumping his hole hard and fast until the two studs are so worked up they lose their loads. In the afterglow, they kiss passionately, ending the scene.



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