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  • Fucking Hostile vol.3 Release Year: 2016 Cast: Antonio Aguilera, Antonio Miracle, Ciro, Eider Lujan, Fabian, Felipe Ferro, Jose Quevedo, Letterio Amadeo, Max Duran, Viktor Rom Genres: Bareback, Anal, Oral, Big dick, Rimming, 3 way Video language: English 5 scenes with the sexiest European studs and tons of ass-packing, cum-dripping footage will leave your hole quivering…

  • Skater Boy Paradise Release Year: 2016 Genres: Oral, Anal, Twink, Bareback Video language: English These skater-boy buddies have told all their folks that they’re going out for a ride on their bikes – but it’s only half a truth. Yes, they’re going for a ride – but it involves riding thick, uncut cocks full of…

  • Fucks Hole Again Release Year: 2016 Cast: Tyler Reed, Shay Michaels, Victor West, Chip Young, Beau J Reed Genres: Oral, Anal, Bareback, Bear, Muscle, Big dick, Kissing, Rimming, Cumshots Video language: English Tyler Reed brings back his favorite phat ass bottom Chip Young and then breaks in newcomer Victor West. Chip then suprises us all…

  • Anonymous Sex Anonymous Sex

    Anonymous Sex This cum-drenched collection has something for every lover of Anonymous Sex: from blindfolded cumdumps and gloryhole fuck pigs, to stealth-breeding and Anon cum swallowing. File size: 2.0 GB Anonymous_Sex__Paul_Morris__Treasure_Island_Media_.mp4 – 1.97 GB Anonymous_Sex__Paul_Morris__Treasure_Island_Media_.mp4 – 2.0 GB

  • Erik Lenn & Martin Dajnar Release Year: 2016 Cast: Erik Lenn, Martin Dajnar Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Hairy, Tattoos, Cumshots Video language: English We had such a great shoot with sexy, hairy young cub � Martin � we couldn�t wait to get him back with our favourite, mean-fukker old daddy � Erik and this…

  • GRAPPLD. Round 2 (James Castle & Nathan Raider) Release Year: 2016 Cast: James Castle & Nathan Raider Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Cumshots, Muscles Video language: English Both competitors in matching shiny black wrestling singlet�s, arses cut out of the suits, not leaving much to the imagination or much to grab onto! James Castle and Nathan Raider…

  • Kayden Gray and Sunny Colucci Release Year: 2016 Cast: Kayden Gray and Sunny Colucci Genres: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut Video language: English Kayden Gray was determined to get his work done; but, Sunny Colucci has other plans. Sunny kneels onto the sofa and sticks his face…

  • オリンピックイヤー恒例の「ゴリンピック」を今年も開催! アスリート達の筋肉にムラムラしたらこれで抜け! 筋肉レスリング選手・賢一が本格的試合で濃厚ファック! さらに短距離選手貴之の中出し生SEX、極上プリケツ雅也のガン掘りSEXなど史上最熱の筋肉バトルが繰り広げられる!

  • We love tricking these fools into fucking other guys. They like to pretend they’re straight, but all they need is to try some man asshole. This week on baits we came across this guy whose car was broken down on the side of the road. We offered him a ride to the gas station, he…

  • It’s definitely a studio first in more ways than one here, with Timmy Treasure’s directorial debut being introduced by Izan Loren in sign language – a surprising twist that unquestionably grabs the viewer’s attention right from the off. Loren lives in an apartment in the centre of Madrid with Mike Cole, who – if truth…

  • Lorenzo & Sky RAW Lorenzo & Sky RAW

    Sky reminds me a lot of Ransom when he first started. A skinny dude that is horny 24-7. He also has no problems labeling himself as Bi, though just before we started shooting this video, I realized he didn’t have as much bottoming experience as I had thought. Turns out he had only been fucked…

  • Golly, these are a couple of COOL cats! I just love this duo and I think the whole squad will too. We have ‘fresh steez’ Matthew Reeves paired up with ‘smokin’ hot’ Scott. It doesn’t take too long before Scott subtly suggests Matthew lean on over and have a taste. Matthew enthusiastically dives right in,…

  • Debt Dandy 158 Debt Dandy 158

    I always try to be on time. Still I was just a little late because the description the boy gave me was very confusing. That’s why I couldn’t believe he was bitching about me being five minutes late! He had this smug and annoyed face when he asked where I had been. Arrogant bastard. Well,…

  • Richard and Viktor met to relax at the end of their day. The two muscle dudes were crazy horny, Richard got pounded hard and filled up by Victor XXL’s 9inch pole

  • 大人の男スーツで働く外回り系営業リーマン拿捕して喰す…!

  • Biker Boyz Biker Boyz

    Riding a bicycle is one of the simplest pleasures in life – but it’s nothing compared to the overriding joy of fucking some cute twink’s tight arse, as this bunch of horned-up beauties are only too eager and willing to demonstrate! Kris Blent and Chris Jansen lead the cast as they head to Czechia from…

  • For some guys it’s the ninety minutes on the pitch that counts. But for others, it’s what goes on after the game that really matters. If you class yourself in the latter of those categories, then rest assured this scorching hot trio – featuring STAXUS regular, Joel Vargas, and gorgeous newbies, Mike Cole and Zane…

  • Jet had been hitting the gym hard so he sent some updated pics. Wow! Jet is looking great! I know the start age on the site does not update, but he is now 31, and he is only getting better with age. Very handsome! Oliver also stepped up his workout routine. He showed up more…

  • After a long day of catching Pokemon, Ash and his buddy Brock are in for a surprise when Peek-a-choo is transformed into hard and charged fuck-ready Adam Bryant. What can the boys do but fuck this real-life Pokemon? They waste no time getting that solid dick in their mouths before taking turns mounting that Level-1000…

  • An amazing date between a cute French twink and a Canadian”During our tour of Canada in cooperation with Phoenixxx studios, our French boy Camille Kenzo met Zac Hunter, a cute & young Quebec twink. Zac and Camille get to know each other by the fire and Zac finds the little French art of roasting marshmallows…

  • エロさをそそる性的な挑発行為からビンビンの勃起とセクシーなケツなどに魅了され思いどおりにガッチリ長身体型の男たちを犯す! モッコリ姿でのトレーニングから前と後ろにくい込むエロビキニの超硬くなった自慢のモノを執拗に見せつけ! 特大オナホールでの激しい腰ふりオナニーからの見事なぶっとばし!

  • Osamu Osamu

    王者の風格、スーパーモデルここに君臨! 稀代のスーパースター修を完全撮りおろしでプロデュースした最高傑作ついに完成! 4大レーベルキセキのコラボで実現したオサムの新たなエロ顔はノックアウト間違いなし!

  • Ace 13 – Ritta Ace 13 – Ritta


  • 絶対的エース「洋志・19才」、『Hello!』初の3rd Season突入! 1年ぶり待望の新作で19㎝の包茎巨根はさらに暴れ出す…! 大人気・来人、世那、PG 185メイン8パックサッカー部・翼と、フレッシュな豪華モデル陣が集結!

  • Come To Daddy Come To Daddy

    Experience is everything! When a hot, virile man like Trenton Ducati beckons a young dude like Allen King, the chemistry is palpable. There’s nothing sexier than a seasoned man taking control of a situation and showing his boy the ropes. Featuring Pierre Fitch, Damien Crosse & Dillon Rossi.

  • Riding Raw Riding Raw

    Helix has ASSembled 10 of their HOTTEST models for a 5 star bareback fuck-fest! With the exception of some sexy shirtless gymnastics, these boys cut right to the chase and get down to the nitty gritty right quick! Hot raw, ass slamming, cock licking action from some of the biggest dicks on our roster! Beautiful,…

  • Spymaster Part 1 Spymaster Part 1

    Colby Jansen has his eyes set on Tommy Regan. The Patriot Act is going to help him get Tommy’s ass—listening in on him via the ear piece he planted on Tommy’s back, he realizes he has a boyfriend: Wesley Woods. Tommy and Wesley get down to business, beginning with a blow and a rim before…

  • Jimmy Durano and Carter Dane are back and this time they are ready to share with us a piece of themselves that no one has ever seen. They come from completely different backgrounds but they both had a similar goal in life – to learn how to love themselves. Jimmy grew up Catholic and he…

  • 神月梭輔 神月梭輔

  • Extra Legend – Ryo Extra Legend – Ryo


  • Barefoot Boys Barefoot Boys


  • Spymaster Part 3 Spymaster Part 3





  • 白執事 白執事

    「何なりとお申し付けください、ご主人様。」 わがまま主人・和真の無理難題を、麗しき執事・薙斗はクリアできるか…!?

  • Summer Sex Fest Summer Sex Fest

    Summer is the time to chill out! Perhaps go to an outdoor festival, BBQ in the garden or even a day on the beach – or do with these horny twinks do and that’s get down to some serious cock sucking and ass fucking with their closest pals! This is an all-out Summer Sex Fest…

  • After a hot night of dancing these studs bring the party home to suck, fuck, and breed. Alessio Romero can’t get enough of Ray Diesel’s huge black dick and Aarin Asker isn’t happy until he has two big cocks double dicking his hole.

  • トコロテン、潮吹き、剃毛プレイ!濃い~変態交尾のオンパレード! 話すと全員大人しいのにセックスすると豹変する変態少年集結!

  • Randy Dixon had just gotten fucked by Jay Landford. Ashton had just gotten fucked Jacob Taylor. The day was long and the set needed to be cleared. But Ashton and Randy had been flirting with each other the whole trip. And the site of Ashton Summers naked, was too much for Randy. The two started…

  • Imagine spending the night with either of these adorably cute boys! Better yet, imagine being between them! The boys are quickly making out, slipping out of their onesies and getting to grips with those hard boners as they lick and suck on each other. With dicks throbbing and oozing Mickey’s ass is soon up for…

  • Chuy and Goyo Chuy and Goyo

    I put Chuy and Goyo together, because I knew they would make perfect bed partners and these two horny Latinos did not disappoint. Chuy is on top and after some dick sucking and a proper ass licking he pushes in and starts barebacking his receiver in enough positions to satisfy any bottom. The visuals along…

  • Fucking Pissed Off Fucking Pissed Off

    The boys from STAXUS want to cum out and play; and believe us when we tell you that they’re in the mood for something wild and wet! Indeed, vanilla seems oh so boring for this bunch of horned-up beauties – lads who simply can’t wait to suck, fuck and then spunk and piss over each…

  • Timtales Exclusive and notorious ass stretcher Eduardo Picasso is back to give Denis Sokolov the fuck of his life. And by fuck, I mean ruthless hole-wrecking action. Denis turned out to be quite submissive with the hungriest hole. He took Eduardo’s colossal cock like a champ. Insatiably impaled by the biggest cock in the industry….

  • Czech Hunter 259 Czech Hunter 259

    I went to a nice lake in the outskirts of Prague. A really nice place, especially if you want to go for a family trip. I was in a mood for some outdoor action, with the romantic undertone. In the local beach restaurant I found a young boy. He was in Prague on vacation but…

  • Donkey Dicks 5 Donkey Dicks 5

    Four outings of these monster dicks just wasn’t enough – but what the fuck did you expect? When you’re hung like the proverbial donkey the urge to bang tight ass is simply insatiable, as Darryl Declan, Adrian Rivers and Boris Orla are only too eager to demonstrate in this fifth instalment. As ever, you might…

  • Fire Me Up Fire Me Up

    Smoking hot firemen in their uniforms have always had a certain allure, but this particular Prague “watch” raises that interest to a whole new, spunk-inducing level. With their cute faces and young, toned physiques they’re exactly the kind of fellows who you’d want to have rescue you if the need ever arose. But it’s when…