Straight surfer boy explores his sexuality

With sun-bleached blonde hair and a laid-back attitude, Zach Clemens is the classic California surfer boy. Today, Zach wants to explore an unknown aspect of his sexuality, so we bring him in for an edging session in the Armory’s dining room. We tie a rope harness around his chest and secure his arms to a saw horse. Unable to move, Zach is under our control as we bring him almost — just almost — to orgasm again and again. He trembles in bondage and begs to cum while we jack his diamond-hard dick with a vibrating cock sleeve. Next, we strap him down to a dinner table and worship his feet and pits. All the while, Zach’s orgasm remains beyond his reach and under our command. We milk his prostate, finally allowing Zach to blow his load before tormenting his cock head and tickling his vulnerable body.

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