Gabe Isaac Solo Session

Barely legal, fresh faced and HUNG as hell Gabe Isaac gets cozy in front of Max Carter's camera. The tight bodies teen chats with Max before seducing our camera while running his hands over his hot, young, smooth body. Carter coaxes Gabe out of his pants and is genuinely surprised at the enormous find in the kids bulging drawers! The monster is even more impressive when released from the confines of the kids tighty whities and Max can't seem to let go. Gabe doesn't mind, looking quite content as Carter jacks his giant. After a foot massage, Max gets our boy to show off his ass; the pink pucker is so inviting otr director dives in fingers first bringing pure pleasure to our big dicked subject. Once on his back Gabe goes to work on his own as Max maneuvers his fingers inside for maximum ecstasy. At one point both boys remove their hands and watch the colossal cock bounce on its own..... It'll make your dick drool. Cumming into the home stretch, Isaac blasts his butt with his own fingers as he works his massive member massaging out a skyrocketing super soaker of hot young cum.
Rates : 2
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